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(h)i, Tanya

“Tanya, if you’re there, prove it.”

The story of the haunting of the old Holiday Inn (now the Radisson Hotel Niagara Falls-Grand Island) is well-known amongst locals. Many have witnessed the ghost of the little girl named Tanya. Guests, maids, and managers have all told stories seeing flickering light orbs in response to questioning, the sounds of a little girl’s laughter as she runs through the halls, bouncing on beds at night, and more.

My sister worked at the (then-called) Holiday Inn during the 1990’s. “I always thought it was a crock,” she said. “But the housekeepers were actually pretty freaked out about her. Every time something was out of place, it was Tanya. I remember one housekeeper had a Windex bottle on the side of her cart that was always continuously swinging. I’m pretty sure the Fitness Center has recent photos of guests where you can see a young female that everyone identified as Tanya.”

Who’s met Tanya? Do you think the tales are true? Share your spooky stories. 

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