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Self Publishing

Life on a Pork Chop will be self-published. Here's why.

There's a number of reasons why I'm going the self-publishing route. After consulting with various publishers, editors, and authors, they've all advised me to DIY. Here's highlights.

#1 — Design & Production

Your average Joe-writer doesn't know how to design or produce a physical book. But I've been in the creative industry for almost 20 years, and I've designed many books. In fact, my career began as a print designer. I've got vendors on speed dial, and I know my way around a printing press. Fun fact, I briefly worked for a book publisher. Suffice to say, design is my jam. 

#2 — Editorial Network

During my graduate studies I met many talented peers who have gone on to become accomplished editors in magazines and book publishing. A number of us have collaborated in the years since, I've edited their work, and vice versa. I believe strongly that every writer needs an editor. And I have lots of friends who are able to help.

#3 — Print is Dead (But Not Really)

Print isn't actually dead, but the rise of Internet, online content, and e-books have certainly taken a very real toll on the industry. Years ago, a publisher would help an author with marketing and PR. This is no longer the case. Belts and budgets are tight, and authors are left to their own devices. Unless you're incredibly famous, the publisher isn't going to help you sell your book. To add insult to injury, after your invest in your own time and money into marketing and promotion, they'll still take a cut of your profit. That doesn't seem very nice, does it?

#4 — First Time Author

With their businesses on the brink, publishers can't afford to take risks. For first time authors like myself, a good pitch isn't enough. Publishers only want to support projects from people who can show they've got loyal followers who will purchase without much investment in marketing. Celebrities can get book deals because they've got fans. But if you're unknown, you would need to prove a risk-proof profit model. Most first timers (myself included) would not be able to do this. It's a risk that I'm willing to take because I believe in the project.

#5 — It's More Fun

I love the project. It's my baby. Since I'm self-publishing, I'm building the audience and awareness brick by brick, person to person. And that's very satisfying.

You can support this project by purchasing products at lifeonaporchop.com. All proceed support the cost of printing and production. Thank you.






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