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Kids Games

Deceiving innocent kiddo's isn't nice. But we did it anyways. 

The blue water circling Grand Island belongs to two countries, the U.S. and Canada. Alongside half of the Island is our neighbor to the north, quiet, and unassuming. The Canadians aren’t connected to us by a bridge, but by swift moving water; the border between these nations is the river itself. The international boundary is some fluid line in the middle of the river.

Standing on our dock overlooking the river, my family enjoyed playing a game with visiting kids that involves a bit of deception. We all stand together and ceremoniously fling slices of white bread into the water. Then we all bound into a car and drive to the Falls to watch them go over.

Of course, there is no bread by then—it’s been eaten and saturated somewhere along the way. But we make a big deal out of pretending to follow imaginary slices. See that white spec? Right there. Oh, I can’t believe you missed it. Here's another one. We all see it, don't you?

Some kids play along. Yes, they can see. But others rightfully become ill-tempered at having been duped. What one might call a game, another calls a lie, and I have to respect their pluck.

Did you ever try to chase something over the Falls? Share your story.


(h)i, Tanya

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