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Animal Arrivals

How the heck did the animals get on Grand Island?

If scientists studied the animals on Grand Island and compared their DNA with species from the mainland, would they be different or remarkable? The island is rich with flora and fauna. But the river around Grand Island is deep, wide, and fast—so how the heck did they all get there? Even from the island's earliest days of existence there wasn’t a land bridge connecting it to the mainland because it was carved out by glaciers—the same slow-moving sculptors that gave us the mighty Niagara Falls. So, when did the animals get on the island? They couldn’t have swum across the river (that would have been a suicide mission). The current is too fast, thundering towards ferocious rapids that lead to a likely death-hurdle over Niagara.

I’ve asked this question to everyone I know. My father said they walked over the bridge. But the first manmade bridge was built in 1935 and I have never seen an elk sauntering across it.

How do you think the animals arrived?


Altered Perimeters

Island in Time