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The Sign

Does anyone remember the old sign?

For many years a sign had greeted visitors as they descended the arched bridge by car and entered the town. “Welcome to the largest freshwater island in the world,” it said.

Grand Island is not the largest freshwater island in the world. Not even close. But it wasn’t until the 1990's that someone revised this claim. I'm told it was a visitor who educated us. In fact, there are quite a few larger freshwater islands in the world. Ten in the Great Lakes alone are bigger, and none of those even compare remotely to the Ilha de Marajo in Brazil. At the mouth of the Amazon River, the Maraio is 500 times the size of Grand Island.

So the sign was corrected with a piece of wood and hand-painted lettering. It was changed to “Welcome to the best freshwater island in the world.” It’s hard to quantify a best place, but alas, the title has been claimed.

Why do you think Grand Island is the best?

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