Purchase Grand Island products to support a great cause. 100% of proceeds support printing and production for Life on a Pork Chop, a charming book about Grand Island’s remarkable past.

Island in Time

Speculate what life was like in the olden days.

Grand Island has a surprisingly rich history. This island’s siren call has been heard by many over the years, including Native Americans, exiled Jews, the Underground Railroad, the United Nations, a U.S. President, and various affluent vacationers. Until recently, all of of these past islanders reached the land by boat across fast-moving and sometimes perilous waters. It was a place to hunt and fish, it was a retreat, it was a sanctuary. But it was not easy to reach.

The book, Life on a Pork Chop, will visit the island's rich past, documenting and speculating on what life was like before the first bridge was built in 1935.

Put yourself in the past. Imagine what life what like then. Before the bridges. Submit your speculation story.

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